Subsidiary enterprise «Scientific-research institute of oil and gas industry»
of National Joint Stock Company (NJSC)
«Naftogaz of Ukraine» (SE “Naukanafogaz”)

For the efficiency growth of National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine", strengthen integration component of its development, the scientific basis of the activities of the Company and fuller use of the potential of sectorial research in November 2003 subsidiary "Research Institute of Petroleum Industry" National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine "(SE" Naukanaftogaz ") was created. It was composed with the Ukrainian Research Institute of Natural Gases (UkrNDIgaz) and the Scientific Research and Design Institute of automated control systems for gas transport (NDPIASYtransgaz) as the branches.

The main activities of the SE "Naukanaftogaz" are:

  • processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data by using modern technologies;
  • collection, analysis and synthesis of geological and geophysical data, creation and maintenance of informational and analytical databases;
  • design of the exploration on the prospective areas and the opened fields of oil and gas;
  • industrial projects (research and industrial) operation , technological schemes and process of oil and gas research projects in the well-construction, business plans and investment projects development;
  • geological and geophysical support, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, development and maintenance of a permanent geological and hydrodynamic models of deposits based on a maximum use of the computer interpretation and synthesis of seismic and other studies;
  • mathematical modeling of development of oil and gas extraction and storage of hydrocarbons;
  • preparation raw material base;
  • linear parts processes, compressor plants and stations, pipelines and underground gas storage facilities, gas distribution and gas metering stations automation;
  • development and implementation automated dispatching control gas transportation system, a diagnostic condition monitoring gas pumping equipment and monitoring corrosion of pipelines;
  • development and implementation of the regular and technical documentation, including quality systems, legal and industrial standards;
  • scientific examination and justification of design decisions, long-term forecasting and planning;
  • development hydrocarbons research processes innovative providing;
  • minimization of production costs and increase production volumes by introducing highly innovative and Information Technology;
  • scientific support of the foreign projects.

SE "Naukanaftogaz" is formed as a complete research organization staffed with highly scientific and engineering personnel, equipped with unique computer system for design and informational circulation with the appropriate hardware and software tools for integrated geological and industrial modeling and technical and economic analysis.

Professional problems are solved by the collective of over 250 high-professional researchers, among which 1 corresponding member of NASU, 9 doctors and 22 candidates of sciences. To prepare highly qualified scientific personnel in DC "Naukanaftogaz", according to the Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from November 1, 2004 № 834,was opened a permanent department of the postgraduate education in engineering sciences, specialty 05.15.06 - development of oil and gas exploration and geological sciences, specialty 04.00.17 - geology of oil and gas.

In 2005, SE "Naukanaftogaz" has passed state certification in the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine and is classified as "B" - organizations that form promising scientific and technical policy area.

In SE “Naukanaftogaz” special scientific council was created for defending the thesis for Ph.D. degree and PhD in specialty - development of oil and gas fields.

SE "Naukanaftogaz" founded periodic scientific specialized edition - a collection of scientific papers "Problems of the Gas Industry". During 2005 - in 2011 9 issues were published.

Since 2004, in SE "Naukanaftogaz" Academic Council has been working, it includes leading researchers and industry experts. During 2004-2011 years held more than 30 meetings, which reviewed more than a hundred questions.

During the years 2005-2011 SE "Naukanaftogaz" held four international scientific and practical conferences of young scientists who have participated in experts from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan.

During 2003-2011 years specialists of the SE "Naukanaftogaz" issued about 200 published papers and monographs in Ukrainian and foreign issues.

The main scientific and technological achievements of SE "Naukanaftogaz":

  • State Prize for Young Scientists in 2007;
  • State Prize in Science and Technology 2009;
  • Participation in the elaboration of the "Strategy of development of Oil and Gas complex of Ukraine till 2030";
  • A "Corrected state program of development of hydrocarbon resources of the Ukrainian sector of the Black and Azov Seas" was elaborated ;
  • A "Concept and development of underground gas storages of Ukraine" was elaborated;
  • 33 patents for inventions and utility models were received;
  • Taking into account the recommendations of the SE "Naukanaftogaz" opened the first oil field in aquatorium of Ukraine;
  • Taking into account the recommendations of the SE "Naukanaftogaz" were opened 6 deposits (HG, WHG, EHG, NHG, Karima, Malaka) in the Arab Republic of Egypt;
  • Prepared more than 100 recommendations to conduct exploration and expansion of the resource base of hydrocarbons;
  • Preparation of the primary objects during exploratory drilling within the territories and areas of Ukraine and licensed units in Egypt, UAE, Libya, Turkmenistan, Russia;
  • Rising level of the stocks - 7.0 billion m3 of gas and 5.8 million tons of oil;
  • Created and maintained more than 20 geological and technological models of oil and gas, which formed the basis of recommendations whose implementation will provide additional gas production over 3.2 billion m3 gas and more than 3.3 million tons of oil from the project period, the increase in gas reserves - 2.8 billion m3, oil - 6.1 million tons;
  • A system of monitoring of field development of National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine" was created.